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Set of 3 Soothers - Dodie

Set of 3 Soothers - Dodie


Description: Silicone anatomic soother 0-2 Months from Dodie. 

This soother is specially designed for premature babies and babies under 2 months.

- Tritan shield, comfortable and lightweight that allows baby to keep it in the mouth easily.

- Newborn-sized silicone tether.

The delicacy of the nipple respects the natural development of the baby's mouth.

- Soother of anatomical (or symmetrical) shape, reversible,

remains always well positioned in the mouth of baby.

- Ventilation holes allow better air circulation and reduce the risk of irritation to baby's skin.

- The button system allows easy and secure removal of the soother.


Size: 0-2 M 

Colors:  3 White ; 3 pink  or 3 blue

Composition: Silicone


Brand Story:

First French brand

*1958: The first triangular bottle of Dodie is born with a patented 3-stage flow nipple. The product was developed by pediatricians and dentists.

*All teats are made in France to meet quality and safety standards.

*All Dodie products are designed at the Paris headquarters to maintain a consistent French style.

Quality is recognized by pharmacies

*French pharmacies first ** Bisphenol A free (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) *

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