When mom has pleasure, baby bubbles!

According to couples, sexuality during pregnancy can be altered and experienced very differently.

The body of the future mother gets hormonal changes. The sensations of pleasure are then increased tenfold.

During pregnancy, circulation increases in the mother's small pelvis, which causes an influx of blood into the vagina, which is then better lubricated. The clitoris is more sensitive and the belly pressure provokes many stimulations. During sexual intercourse, the body releases oxytocin and a huge quantity of it during orgasm. This natural hormone stimulates the production of dopamine and endorphin. This is what brings pleasure and an ambient well-being. 


Making love when you're expecting a child, helping to relieve stress, and it's an indirect way to rock baby before he even shows up. After all, he has the right to climb to seventh heaven as well. The baby feels every moment of pleasure, which gives him a feeling of calm and serenity. Having an orgasm during a pregnancy is a little like rocking baby in a hot bath full of bubbles and it allows him to be born in good emotional conditions.


During the nine months of pregnancy, dads do not have the chance to live a symbiotic relationship with their baby. It is possible that they feel helpless and forgotten. Never forget to tell your partner that you love him. After all, you did not make this baby alone! 

Which position? Spoon? Cowgirl? Doggy style? These three positions will help you to avoid abdominal and lumbar pressures. Bigger the belly is, harder it will be for the couple to find a comfortable position. 


Sweep away your fears, you will not hurt your baby. The fetus is well protected. About five centimeters separate the vagina from the uterus.

It happens, sometimes, that some women feel contractions after a sexual activity. These are triggered by spermatozoa that contain prostaglandins. This hormone is used to trigger deliveries because it allows faster dilation. It has a preparatory role that boost the ripening and softening of the cervix. That is why it is customary to say that making love at the very end of pregnancy can trigger baby delivery, even if this phenomenon has never been proven. So, a little advice: If you feel contractions after your lovemaking, ask Mr. to put a little hat. It is better to seek appropriate solutions rather than to deprive of sex.

Rare contra-indications still exist. Your gynecologist will prohibit penetration in case of placenta positioned against or on the cervix, as bleeding may occur. But in any case it must put a brake on softer cuddles.

No to gymnastics, yes to sensuality. 

Remember that orgasm does not necessarily require penetration. Opt for a good bubble bath, gentle massages, hugs and cuddles that are great ways to maintain physical contact with your partner. Your doctor will be the first to confirm, if your pregnancy is going on without a problem you can have sex as much as you want.


Having an active sex life during pregnancy allows the couple to reconnect more quickly after giving birth. The baby will only be happier. He will arrive in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere where love communication is always present. Baby needs to feel his dad and his mom love each other. Too much love never kills love!