Twins Surprise -Vanity including 32 baby products - Tata Rachel


Twin Unisex Maternity Suitcases 

- 2 suitcases 40x20x30 cm

- 2 luggage tags

- 2 baby bottles 0-3 M 

- 2 soothers 0-2 M

- 4 bodies 0-1 M

- 2 sleeping bags 0-6 M

- 4 jumpsuits 0-1 M

- 4 bibs 0-3 M

- 2 baby hats 0-3 M

- 2 pairs of bith gloves

- 2 pairs of booties

- 2 bath cape 0-6 M

- 2 mummy bath gloves 

- 2 laundry bags 


Brand Story :

Tata Rachel is a premium baby clothing brand born in Paris in 2015 and dedicated to future mothers. 


In France we call our Aunties: “Tata”. It is a short and cute way of the traditional “Tante”. For a lot of people, the aunty is the second mum. She is the one backing up the mother and taking care of the children when needed.


This is the spirit of “Tata Rachel”: Helping the future mum to take care of their newborn with the first needs in a maternity suitcase.

Made of light wood and covered with a waterproof imitation leather, our suitcases are all designed in the same way. Divided into two compartments, the upper section has seven drawers to store all baby’s accessories and the lower section to store all baby’s clothes.

All Tata Rachel products are 100% hypoallergenic and certified to European standards for newborns. Tata Rachel has the daily mission to bring softness, quality, comfort and safety to all babies from their first breath.