Scorza di Sicilia - Maison Berdoues - Perfume (100ml)



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香水背後的故事 The story behind "Scorza Di Sicilia":

SCORZA DI SICILIA 西西里- 清甜柑橘讓您仿佛有如置身西西里島的真實感受,在這片肥沃土壤、充沛陽光和稀少雨水的奇蹟大地,孕育出只屬於這片土地的甜美柑橘。



From the Italian "Scorza di Sicilia" or "Sicilian bark", it conjures up the scorching lands of Italy.

The “Scorza” bark generously asserts its sparkling character to reveal the bright, suave sweetness of a sun-drenched fruit. When the Calabrian citron convenes with Virginian Cedar and Vetiver from Indonesia, the resulting alliance releases an intense perfume dominated by citrus notes.


Brand Strory :

French high perfumery practices have been passionately followed at Maison Berdoues for over a century, as it applies its unique expertise and exacting standards to formulate new fragrances.

Sophie Berdoues, the founder’s great granddaughter was brought up with perfume in the air.

Today, the family narrative of this genuine French perfume house is in her hands. Her love for noble materials has led her to extend new creations. 

Through it she shares her heritage, her expertise and above all, her passion.

By revealing the behind-the-scenes of haute perfumery and  the innermost of its savoir-faire, Maison Berdoues introduces a French lifestyle that is to be admired all around the world.