Classic Pink - Vanity including 15 baby products (0-6 months) - Tata Rachel

Classic Pink - Vanity including 15 baby products (0-6 months) - Tata Rachel

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Classic Pink Vanity-Case including : 


  • 1 suitcase 40x20x30 cm

Description: Tata Rachel's suitcase has been designed to meet all the new moms expectations. It is divided into 2 compartments. The top compartment is made of 7 small drawers for storing baby accessories & the bottom compartment to store all the baby clothes. 

Size: 40 x 20 x 30 cm

Weight: 2kg

Colors: White and pink

Composition: Wooden suitcase


  • 1 luggage tag

Description: Tata Rachel's luggage tag in leather.

Colors: pink with white print

Composition: 100% leather


  • 1 sleeping bag 0-6 Months

Description: This stylish cotton sleep sack is finished with a print on the front. A full zip closure on the side allows for easy dressing. Padded and lined for maximum comfort.

Size: 0- 06 M

Colors: White and pink

Composition: Shell - lining : 100% cotton / Fill : 100% polyester


  • 1 baby bath towel 0-6 Months

Description: This bath cape is made to keep baby warm after bathing. Adorned with a hood stylized with chic pink embroideries. 

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Colors: White and pink

Composition: 70% polyester / 8% nylon


  • 1 bath glove Medium size

Description: This bath glove has been specially designed to fit the moms & dads hands. The shape allows to wash the baby efficiently while holding the baby comfortably.

Size: Medium

Colors: White and pink

Composition: 92% polyester / 8% nylon


  • 2 bodies 0-1 Month

Description: Set of 2 cotton bodysuits, an essential style. Snap buttons to easy dress the baby.

Size:  01M

Colors: White and pink

Composition: 100% cotton


  • 2 jumpsuits 0-1 Month

escription: Set of 2 classic baby pyjamas fastens with snap closures. Stylized with an elegant pink collar and an embroidery detail to adorn the little pocket on the chest. 

Size:  01M

Colors: White and pink

Composition: 70% cotton / 30% polyester


  • 2 bibs 0-3 Months 

Description: Set of 2 bibs with authentic french shape and finished with an elegant pink embroidery on the front. Specially designed for newborns, it must be placed on the chest of the baby.

Size: 0-03M 

Colors: White and pink

Composition: 70% polyester / 30% nylon


  • 1 baby hat 0-3 Months

Description: This baby hat is made in soft cotton and styled with a pink elegant embroidery detail on the side. The perfect accessory to slip in a layette and keep the baby cozy and warm.

Size: 0- 03 M

Colors: White with pink embroidery

Composition: 100% cotton


  • 1 baby gloves Newborn

Description: Soft and cozy cotton mittens. Prevent newborns from scratching themselves. An essential accessory in a newborn wardrobe.

Size: Newborn 

Color: White 

Composition: 100% cotton


  • 1 booties Newborn

Description: Soft cotton booties. An essential product for any wardrobe. 

The newborn's ankle is secured. The white embroidery adds the french touch.

Size: Newborn

Colors: pink with white embroidery 

Composition: 100% cotton.


  • 1 laundry bag 

Description : The baby laundry bag is stylized with a gold print and gives the possibility to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes inside the maternity suitcase. 

Size: 24 x 24 cm

Colors: Ivory with gold prints

Composition: 100% Cotton


  • 1 babybottle 0-3 Months 

Description: The ultimate baby bottle from Fuelbaby. 

The patent-pending powder container allows you to prepare your baby’s formula in advance. Utilizing a soft silicon ring, the simple push of a button releases the powder into the water container for fresh formula ready at any time.

*Each bottle features a powder compartment - the fueler, an anti-colic teat (size 0+ months), a protective cover, and a leak-proof water chamber, specially designed for baby or adult-sized hands to comfortably grip.

Size: 0-3 M 

Colors: pink

Composition: Fuelbaby went the extra mile to ensure that the baby bottle contains no harmful chemicals, is BPA-free, and is completely non-toxic, keeping your child safe.


  • 1 soother 0-2 Months

Description: Silicone anatomic soother 0-2 Months from Dodie. 

This soother is specially designed for premature babies and babies under 2 months.

- Tritan shield, comfortable and lightweight that allows baby to keep it in the mouth easily.

- Newborn-sized silicone tether.

The delicacy of the nipple respects the natural development of the baby's mouth.

- Soother of anatomical (or symmetrical) shape, reversible,

remains always well positioned in the mouth of baby.

- Ventilation holes allow better air circulation and reduce the risk of irritation to baby's skin.

- The button system allows easy and secure removal of the soother.

Size: 0-2 M 

Colors: pink

Composition: Silicone


Brand Story :

Tata Rachel is a premium baby clothing brand born in Paris in 2015 and dedicated to future mothers. 


In France we call our Aunties: “Tata”. It is a short and cute way of the traditional “Tante”. For a lot of people, the aunty is the second mum. She is the one backing up the mother and taking care of the children when needed.


This is the spirit of “Tata Rachel”: Helping the future mum to take care of their newborn with the first needs in a maternity suitcase.

All Tata Rachel products are 100% hypoallergenic and certified to European standards for newborns. Tata Rachel has the daily mission to bring softness, quality, comfort and safety to all babies from their first breath.

Color: Pink