Green Tea Dew With Mediterranean Citrus - Lu Ming Tang



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- Green Tea Dew With Mediterranean Citrus - Lu Ming Tang

- 100 ml

- Vitamin Boost & Radiance


Tackles dehydration, dull and tired complexions. Helps lift your spirits.
Awaken your skin to radiant vitality with this energising tea elixir, a concentrated blend of potent antioxidant Longjing Green Tea and invigorating, brightening Mediterranean Citrus. An encapsulation of fresh spring tea harvests in Longjing and the Mediterranean’s sparkling Joie de Vivre. Skin looks and feels delightfully hydrated and fresh, with its true radiance restored.
Provides potent anti-oxidant protection against pollution and other environmental toxins.


Suitable for all skin types.


The recipe:

Longjing Green Tea: Boosts cell renewal, tones, protects against free-radicals. A powerhouse of rejuvenating anti-oxidants with Green Tea’s super active EGCG and skin-loving vitamin E.
Mediterranean Citrus: Energizes, glow-booster.


How to use:

Mist daily whenever you wish; before applying treatment, to set make up or anytime throughout the day to revitalize your skin. Close your eyes and spray towards your face, holding the bottle approximately 20cm away.


Brand Story:

LU MING TANG's Founder, Marie Amiand, had embarked on a journey of self-healing after a decade of living in the polluted urban environs of Shanghai. Seeking holistic balance, she escaped to the magnificent, pure tea valley of Longjing where Marie was initiated into an understanding of rejuvenation rooted in a millenary philosophy. 


After four years of meticulous research, LU MING TANG was born. Harnessing the powers of four precious teas and three patented bio-actives using cutting-edge science, LU MING TANG’s comprehensive range of natural skin care effectively detoxifies, de-pollutes and revives urban skins.

Through the meeting of the ancient wisdoms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and French Pharmacopeia, LU MING TANG restores harmony to stressed-out urban skin and minds.  


Inspired by Tea, Powered by Science

All of LU MING TANG’s formulations are powered by the pioneering Bio-RemedyTM Trio-Complex. This new ‘high definition de-pollutant’ combines the intelligent EGCG polyphenol from tea (an antioxidant 10,000 times more active than Vitamin E) with ultra-oxygenating Chlorophyll. These botanical actives are delivered to the heart of skin cells by a new-generation Glyco-Carrier Cell Vector carrier system.

Skin cells are revitalised and renewed, cellular breathing is re-activated and cellular inflammation is soothed. Skin is armed with a bio-shield to protect skin cells from future damage caused by environmental aggressors and pollutants.


At Lu Ming Tang, we promote skincare that respects nature.