Do not touch my belly !

During a pregnancy, the belly of pregnant women becomes a real attraction

and the whole world has the bad habit to touch it.

Seeing a belly carrying life and rounding up allows other women to identify and project themselves. Not to mention those who have not yet experienced pregnancy, it intrigues them, the texture of the skin tight, the shape, the weight and of course the baby it contains.

For most pregnant women, when people approach their belly, the alarm bells go off! Many of them testify that seeing their bodies change is not always easy. Not all women want to share their pregnancy. So, even if it starts with a nice approach, keep your hands in your pockets. All pregnant women know that their loves one wants to touch their belly so if they don’t mind they will propose it themselves.

"When people touched my belly, I dared not tell them that it bothered me. I knew they just wanted to share a moment of happiness with me, but I honestly felt attacked."

Aline said, mother of two little girls.

Imagine letting people touch your chest several times per day. It might sound strange, even really intrusive. What do you think?

In Pennsylvania, United States, it is forbidden by law to touch the belly of a pregnant woman. If you do it, you could be sentenced for harassment.

During a pregnancy, intimacy takes a hit. Pregnant women must undress and weigh themselves several times at their gynecologist. Touching their belly is a bit like forcing them to share their intimacy with you.

Don’t you think it would be better to ask them for permission?

Some people even try to justify their act with sentences such as:

"It brings good luck to touch the belly of a pregnant woman."

Oh, really ? Do we have any evidence of this statement? Of course not !

So, a little advice, don’t try to get in touch with a fetus that is not yours! According to a large number of psychologists, touch the belly of a pregnant woman is a gesture extremely intrusive in her life.

To all future moms, you have to refuse if you don’t want that someone touch your belly. Unfortunately many women don’t want to be in a complicated situation, as Alexandra, mother of a little boy, said:

"When someone touched my belly, it was very embarrassing.

I was angry for not being able to tell them "don’t touch my belly!". It's very intimate in the sense that you don’t want people have contact with your baby. I never allowed myself to touch the belly of a pregnant woman. "

Say, NO! Don’t touch my belly!

Indeed, you will probably stop a moment of enthusiasm but it’s better than feeling invaded. If you don’t know how to say it, you can try with humor by also touching an intimate body part of the person who has the hand on your belly. This will have the merit of being clear and everyone will keep smiling.