Bola, the necklace with magical benefits for your 9 months of pregnancy.

The Bola is THE necklace for mothers with style. A native of Indonesia, especially in Bali region.

This accessory shaped necklace is valued for its soft music reminiscent of a small bell.

It brings serenity to the mother and to her baby throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. 


During the 9 months ..

Known for its soothing & cradling benefits, it’s worn along the belly until the navel. So baby feels safe throughout pregnancy. What better way than to create a sound relationship with your child before to finally whisper your sweetest words of love.

After the birth..

Some mothers cling to the cradle or slide into the baby's blanket so it keeps the serenity of their last 9 months. But the bola is primarily a memory of birth, which can be transmitted from generation to generation.

Tips: We advise you to opt for a silver Bola.